75 thoughts on “Questions – Help – Dead/Missing Links

  1. These are incomplete:
    Angela Model Set12
    Bianka Model Set40
    Busty J-Flo Set7
    Gaja Model Set8
    JessiModel Set4
    JessiModel Set5
    JessiModel Set7
    JessiModel Set10
    Kelly-Model Set10
    Laney-Model Set9
    Lil Amber Set2
    Lil Amber Set7
    LolitasLand – Lana
    LolitasLand – Maria
    LolitasLand – Monica
    LolitasLife – Ann Set4
    LolitasLife – Ann Set6
    LovelyAnne Set8
    Luana-Model Set23
    NewSugarModel Set6
    Niki Model Set10
    Nina Model Set23
    Nina Model Set29
    Phoebe-Model Set3
    Play-Angel Set4

  2. Many links timeout on the file.al side.
    some of the models sets I have seen affected include
    Vlad Models Tania
    LS Island
    Those ones are just off the top of my head.

        1. I cannot get “LS-Island_Set6.part5.rar”.

          ” File not found
          Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
          Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted. “

          1. The file works fine and can be downloaded but File.al is blocking some IP’s and you need to contact to file.al staff to solve the problem.

        1. File.al is not blocking my IP , because I can get other files .
          But I cannot get “LS-Island_Set6.part5.rar” and “LS-Island_Set16.part4.rar” .
          Anyway , thank you for your kindness !

  3. perhaps , we have to buy File.al “premium account” to get some files…


    and so on

  4. I swear on my life I have typed in the password correctly but I can’t unzip the file Alyssa-Model_Set36.part1.rar it wont work

  5. It would be nice to have the sets partionated in such a way that last part isn’t smaller than 1MB.
    Thanks to the administrators!

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